Empowering the Next Generation: Take One Launches the ROAM Series

Empowering the Next Generation: Take One Launches the ROAM Series


 Take One Sportswear is expanding the culture of basketball by introducing the ROAM series grassroots landscape. This new product line, scheduled for release in Spring 2024, is much more than just another sportswear collection. The ROAM series provides a platform to spotlight talented high school athletes nationwide. With a focus on empowering the next generation of basketball stars, Take One Sportswear is excited to welcome the 1st generation of ROAM athletes and help them create legacies beyond the court.

The ROAM series is a premier midseason honor that handpicks a select group of boys and girls from high school basketball teams around the country. Each athlete is one of the top basketball players nationwide within their grade level. Take One Sportswear proudly welcomes the Inaugural 2024 ROAM Series lineup:

Cam Ward     Jamaal McKnight Jr.   Nyla Brooks

     Darius Bivins   Qayden Samuels     Nadeya Regala

           Ty Bevins                                      Qandace Samuels 

Take One is not just about creating quality sportswear, but about shaping the future of sports and building a community that celebrates young athletes' passion, skill, and dedication. However, these standouts are not only athletes but trailblazers defining their paths within basketball. We suggest you get familiar.

The ROAM Series marks the beginning of a new era for Take One Sportswear. With a focus on excellence and game-changing innovation, the brand is committed to pushing the boundaries of what sportswear can achieve for everyone. As we eagerly await the arrival of the ROAM series in Spring 2024, Take One invites basketball enthusiasts, fans, and patrons of the brand to join them in celebrating the future of the game and following the careers of future ROAM athletes.

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