Take One x Northwood School: Road to #1 in South Africa

Take One x Northwood School: Road to #1 in South Africa


Take One Sportswear is thrilled to announce a new partnership with the Northwood Schools’ Basketball Program. Northwood is a boarding school located in Durban, South Africa. The school’s basketball program has gained national recognition and the school itself has become an viral phenomenon on social media internationally. We are honored to collaborate with Northwoods Director of Basketball Doug Nedab and first-team coach Kent VanderYacht. 

At Take One Sportswear, we believe in taking bold risks to achieve team and individual goals. The Northwood School embodies this belief through its unwavering commitment to the game of basketball. The school's basketball team recently won gold at the 19th edition of the St. Johns Basketball tournament, a testament to their status as a force to reckon with. 

“It's been great to see our young men wear something that they are proud to put on, a complete 360 from the last set of uniforms we had,” says Doug Nedab. “When I think about the design process we went through, to now seeing jerseys, we hit the mark because it perfectly embodies the coastal city of Durban, South Africa. I appreciate the intention in that process, and how many more championship memories we'll create with the uniforms on full display. There was no better brand I could have asked to team up with, than a hometown brand at Take One Sportswear.”

Aligning with our commitment to fostering innovation and shared purpose, this partnership marks an exciting new chapter for Take One Sportswear and The Northwood School. Throughout their journey to becoming the number one basketball team in South Africa, these players have showcased their exceptional talent and dedication to the game. We extend our congratulations to Lusanda Hlongwane, who was named MVP of the tournament, and Chadley Hargreaves, who made the U19 All-Star Team. At Take One, we are committed to elevating athletes to new heights by empowering individuals to surpass their limits and embrace new challenges. These players are front runners on the international stage, and Take One Sportswear is honored to help them dress the part.

Click the here to learn more about Northwood's collaboration with Take One. 

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